Artist Information


Thank you for signing with MojoHeadz Records! For the release, we would like to receive the following assets from you:

Your best press photo
Artist logo
Live video (less than 1 minute)

To pitch your track as good as possible, we need some cool and interesting info that we can use. Feel free to add more information if you feel inspired!


General information


Tell us about the story behind the track!
How did you come up with the track?
In what way did you get inspired?
What is the theme of the track?


Fun facts


Was there a special location where you recorded the track?
Have you worked in a cool studio or been to a different location for instance?
Did you collab with other artists? If so, with who and how did this go?
Did anything funny or remarkable happen during the making of the track?


Personal information


Why did you start producing and since when?
Who is your biggest example/inspiration?
What's your favorite place to perform and/or to party?
What are your upcoming gigs?
What are your future plans?


Take it seriously because good promotional materials are half the success of your release! Low-quality videos and photos and an uninteresting description of your project can leave your track without the attention of promoters and listeners.


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