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Create your own unique NFT and open access to a multi-million dollar industry. This a special offer for future music stars of the label - this is a NFT with your artist name. Your unique style for new digital era!

Customized NFT
Your NFT with your artist's name

What is NFT?


What do Snoop Dogg, The Weeknd, and Shawn Mendes all have in common? All three are making waves in the world of NFTs. NFTs generated $25 billion in overall sales in 2021, but what exactly are NFTs? What are the opportunities within the music industry? Who is getting in to this new industry? This is Billboard Explains NFTs and the Music Industry.

MojoHeadz NFT
Billboard Explains NFTs & the Music Industry

NFT is an object that has no analogues, a digital analogue of a document that certifies your rights to the object. For example, it is not possible to resell an mp3 file from iTunes, as many years ago it was possible to resell a vinyl record, CD or DVD release. But thanks to NFT technology, this can be easily done.


How to make money on NFTs?


Our team can help you create your first NFT. You can be sure that as your popularity grows, the value of your first NFT will increase in value.

Wouldn't you buy your favorite artist's first NFT? How much did it cost at the start and how much now?


How can I purchase NFTs?




All you need is to download one of the most popular crypto wallets for storing and buying NFTs here:




Select 3D character:

Personal NFT
Select the number of the character you like (e.g. A-1 or C-3)




Buy enough Ethereum cryptocurrency to pay for this service (only $75 USD) and send to this ETH address: 0xfafC022399250f09C3C80E0364ADD75C53257a74





Contact us at this address to complete your order:


We will need the following information:


- Artist name:

- The number of the character:

- ETH address (from which the transaction was made):


MojoHeadz Records NFT
3D character with MojoHeadz brand name

Additional Information


Now there are a large number of reliable and convenient wallets for storing and buying NFTs, if you don't like MetaMask, then you should try MEW or Trust wallet.

You can also buy cryptocurrency on the exchange and transfer it to your wallet. Most Popular Crypto Exchanges: Binance, Coinbase (listed on the New York Stock Exchange), OKX.