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Let's talk about a very important aspect in your promotion: your Artist Brand.

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Many artists do not understand why their promotion activities are inefficient, or why a high-quality release was noticed by only a small audience.

The record label works with promotional materials that are prepared by the artists themselves, and these materials are often not only of poor quality, but also cannot attract anyone's attention.


This is a performer's stage image, the way listeners see them when they listen to his music and see their photo and video materials. This is your super weapon, a determining factor for the success of your release. It is not enough to make a logo or a couple of nice photos: you need to fascinate the listener and attract their attention, evoke the necessary associations and feelings.


Ask yourself the following questions and give sincere answers.

1. Who are the target audience of my music?

2. What is my music about?

3. Why should people notice me and like me?

For example, "my music is for those who love delicious food". People can listen to it when they have breakfast. My music is about food, and it really improves digestion. With my music, any breakfast becomes tastier.

The example was a joke, of course, but, nevertheless, it is easier to promote music about food than music about anything else in the world. We know for sure that this music is suitable for breakfast, so if we broadcast it on the radio in the morning, it will attract more attention to the song, and it will be extremely popular with those who get together in a cafe in the mornings.

It is also clear what the performer and their promo materials should look like: well, it's something like this...

Take this very seriously and give honest answers, and then you can move on to the next step.


This is very important. It's not enough to make a strange logo and a couple of poor-quality photos, and add your biography with the words: "Hi, I'm Michael." Nobody wants that. Would you pay attention to such a presentation yourself? I'm afraid not. What will attract attention to you and your music is high-quality materials. They should surprise, be up-to-date and cause people to react.


Another point is that you need to use any available means that allow you to grow your audience.

Now a huge audience of collectors from all over the world is interested in NFT, and a novice artist simply cannot afford to ignore it. The capitalization of the NFT digital art market has exceeded that of the real art objects market (USD 41,000,000,000).

You can release music NFTs! Usually it looks like this: 3D animation + music.

What is special about NFT is that each work is unique thanks to the new technology, and this is what collectors from all over the world value. Imagine: you bought a rare Michael Jackson record for $10 many years ago and decided to sell it now, how much can it cost?

NFT works the same way for a beginner, so start creating the history of your music brand right now!

It may seem too complicated, but everything is quite simple: you need a video with 3D graphics and your music; also, download and install a crypto wallet... and you're done! Johnny Depp, Snoop Dog, Kanye West, Eminem, A$AP Rocky, Michael Jordan, Shawn Mendes, Steve Aoki, Marshmello and many other famous artists use NFT as an additional source of income, and also to attract attention to their works!


Our team will help you launch your first NFT and open the door to new opportunities.

Choose your 3D character from the link, and within a week we will prepare an NFT pack for you, which will include photo and video materials with your personal brand and detailed instructions on how to launch it on popular sites! You will also be able to use this in your social media and design your promo materials for future releases.

Interesting music with high-quality 3D graphics will definitely help you attract attention to your music brand, use future technologies to expand your audience.


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