Nuclear Maniac - Madness of Soul and Body


Penetrating under the skin, the fire spreads a deadly poison through the body, poisoning the soul. Its pulsing flame causes a dazzling flash that can only be compared with the explosion of a nuclear bomb, the gigantic force of which is capable of tearing apart and burning an entire human being in the blink of an eye. His name is love.

All Nuclear Maniac musical novellas represent a complex range of love shades. They represent a special synthesis of subtly intimate and extremely frank human experiences.

Nuclear Maniac is a mad genius who accurately describes the state of mind obsessed with overpowering, natural, heartfelt feelings in music. This music is for those who know how to love.

Nuclear Maniac's works are released on Armada Music, Mojoheadz Records labels and attract the attention of such publications as BBC, Time Out, Cosmopolitan and etc.

Nuclear Maniac is a producer and DJ | MojoHeadz Records | We don't fake it - we make it!

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