AKA Lauchmann & AkMa in Beatport's top 100!


Two releases at once hit the Beatport charts!

The first one EP "It´s Just A Leek" by AKA Lauchmann.

The Story behind the EP "It´s Just A Leek" is not a spectacular one. Little by little the A&R of Mojoheadz Records, Steve Benson, tokk notice of my music and one day he asked me, if it wouldn´t be a cool idea to make an EP of the tracks of AKA Lauchmann - no sooner said than done. All tracks of this EP chalking up social inequalities and questionable political developments worldwide. Techno is freedom and it fights for freedom.

The second one release AkMa - Entrance.

We are happy to follow the success AKA Lauchmann & AkMa!

AKA Lauchmann &  AkMa in Beatport's top 100! | MojoHeadz Records | We don't fake it - we make it!

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