HGenius continues to make a name for itself to pursue its passion for electronic music.


Going crazy for music and rhythm his whole life, Daniele Secondi started playing his first small guitar when he was only 8. Later, he naturally fell in love with piano and drums. After years of playing good music and writing songs in a band, he decided to join the exciting world of 'recording and releasing', as his increasing interest in different sounds and genres became a new powerful catalyst for his emerging music career.

At present, he is known on stage as HGenius, a talented Italian Musician, Songwriter and Producer who, at the age of 26, is willing to approach music differently, writing, recording and releasing his first solo album 'Modern Vintage', whose name is not random because it sums up all the elements and the essence of HGX's music: a (Modern) appealing artistic product, based on a strong (Vintage) background.

HGX is now strongly motivated to further his career and goes on to make a name for himself, in order to pursue his passion for #ModernVintage music.

HGenius - BackUp [MojoHeadz Records]